Kurt Thulu

A fiery, war-loving, cephalopod, Vice-Sergeant First Class Kurt Thulu lives to die... Die in a blaze of glory.


Pyroctopi are built for war. Tough and strong, they carry the few scars they manage to accumulate in their short lives as badges of honor and shame. Honor for the lives they have taken in combat. Shame in that they did not perish themselves. The standard Pyroctopoid warrior wields common weapons such as knifes and short swords (anything to bring him closer to his enemy) along with his latent pyrokinetic abilites. Their coloring can change according to the environment or their mood, but tends to be bombastic. Blazing reds, or vibrant yellows are quite common.


From the time he was hatched from his grotesque monstrosity of a brood-mother, Kurt Thulu has dreamed of how he would die in combat with a worthy foe. That was about two weeks ago. Pyrokinetic Octopoids mature extremely fast, which is beneficial, as they tend to die quickly, snuffed out like the flame of a candle. A candle snuffed via frag grenade or anti-matter device. Pyroctopi are a warrior-race without a war. They fight to die, though they are quite adept at killing despite themselves. If one of these proud race perceives an insult, they will stop at nothing to avenge the slight. Having an Pyroctopoid as an enemy elicits a constant fear of suicide attack, while having one as a friend means keeping emergency numbers on speed-dial. In society Pyroctopi are touchy and obsessed with honor. In combat they are deadly. Sometimes even to others.

Kurt Thulu hatched into this world translucent and terrified. He killed three of his brothers and two sisters out of fear before he was swept along in the gentle current of his mother’s bathtub to be deposited in the gutter with the rest of his unfortunate family. From there he grew monstrously, gaining full adulthood in an astonishing thirteen days by feeding on his remaining siblings and training with the wise old (4 months) sensai of pyrokinesis Ali Mei. Now he is ready to leave his brood-pod and strike out to make a name for himself in this harsh, bizarre world. The more of his enemies that burn screaming before he succumbs to superior numbers the better.

Kurt Thulu

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