Vremia Koi

Entropic Timelord--humanoid


Vremia Koi is a genetically defective human, with entropic and temporal abilities. Born in one of the few remaining pure human communities—where she was ostracized because of her genetic mutation—Vremia has never met another human-mutant hybrid, let alone a full mutant. Despite being one herself, she harbors the same contempt pure humans have for other mutants.

In her younger years, Vremia shunned the use of her mutant powers and was uneasily accepted by the pure humans. As she grew older, her mutant abilities became more pronounced and she could no longer suppress them. The pure humans became frightened by her presence and began to aggressively taunt and even attack her. This hostility culminated when Vremia was accused of using her entropic abilities to kill the livestock of one of her pure human tormenters. When the pure humans went to kill her for her supposed crimes, Vremia used her temporal power to bend time and escape. However, her tenuous control over her abilities—owing to years of disuse—caused her to seriously harm herself in the process. The resultant time-flux injuries have erased many of Vremia’s earlier memories, including the location of the pure human settlement where she grew up.

As an outcast with no home, Vremia is seeking a place in the world. She hopes to learn how to control her more powerful abilities and find acceptance with her fellow mutated beings.

Her appearance is that of a normal human female, with no hair. Due to prolonged deep-water fishing in a nearby acidic lake, her irises disintegrated, making her eyes completely white. This does not affect her eyesight. Finally, her body is covered with numerous tattoos, a form of branding pure humans use to designate mutated humans.

Vremia Koi

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